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About Knight Guard

Knight Guard is a patent-pending communication platform technology

Knight Guard Corporation is a Florida “C” corporation established in  2015. We are  developing an undetectable, hands free, non-verbal communications device.

This device will  enable its users to communicate personal emergencies, render assailants harmless and enable/disable a host of personal security devices; all without alerting the attacker or escalating the situation. Our technology will communicate with law enforcement officials, military sources, banking devises, cell phones and devices such as weaponry, location technologies, lethal and non-lethal “smart” munitions,  and more.


Knight Guard plans to assist and provide relief for innocent people from the torment of bullies, assailants, and others who have criminal intentions. We believe that people have the right to live in their neighborhoods, traverse their college campuses and walk their city streets without fear.

We further believe that law enforcement needs modern, highly effective, but  low cost, alternatives to crime prevention and distressful situations without the need for lethal force; while still allowing the ability for the use of lethal force, if absolutely necessary.

Knight Guard will enable positive ID for  its users (third embodiment of patent pending claims) which enables positive ID for banking business, voting, and a host of additional platform enterprises.

The founders of Knight Guard Corporation are  parents, educators, law enforcement officials, and military experts. We seek solutions which can apply to a number of dangerous and divergent situations.

Knight Guard Corporation


Founded: 2015

CEO: G. Thomas Bland, Jr.

Patent: 40+ Claim Provisional Patent filed


Communication and Personal Protection

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